We Are Canadian – We sell Canadian You Buy Canadian

As a nation we are confronted with issues we never thought we would be facing. It’s like the clock has been turned back several decades and we as a people have made no progress. Rights of humans and species that we share the planet with, are in jeopardy because of the greedy and the war mongers. Everywhere you look there is violence, poverty and the with holding of basic human and animal rights. We treat this planet’s resources as if they are ours alone to use without thought or consideration of our impact on the rest of the planet. As a nation we are far from perfect. There are many issues that should make us stand up and shout “No More”! But in the larger scale of things, I am proud to be from Canada. We are polite, quiet people who more or less try to do the right thing. As the owner of an All Canadian store, I understand the importance at this time to support Canadians in the workforce. As tariff laws change, we need to work harder than ever at reading the labels to make sure that what we buy is made with the blood sweat and tears of people from this country. The uglier the times, the more we need beautiful  things in our life. Now is NOT the time to say,  “I cannot afford this” or “I do not need this”. Art and craft will always remind us of what we can create with out own 2 hands. It is our commitment at Cornerstone, to help artists support their families and their communities through the selling of their pieces. The artists whom we represent are pouring their heart & soul into their creations so that you can have something truly unique and special and CANADIAN. It’s easy to be intimidated and scared. It takes fortitude to stand up to a bully and say “NO!”  That’s what we are gong to do. It’s up to us. We can focus on the depressing news or we can be a focus for light, positivity and all that is good. If the news people could only report good things instead of doom and gloom, I think we would be in a far different and better place.  Support Canadian Businesses. Put Canadian money back into the hands of all Canadians. We are Canadian. We shop Canadian. We support Canadians support this country. Visit us at www.cornerstonecanadianart.com

To visit us in person, we are located at 255 Ontario St., in the historic and beautiful city of Kingston Ontario.