#Creativity Counts

As I am writing this, the news (as always), is painting a picture of doom and gloom. Since "re-opening" from the pandemic, we have seen a drastic rise in prices from gas to groceries, shortages in many items including food, rising inflation, war, and the continuation of divisiveness in society. This summer we experienced extremes in climate from severe droughts to flooding along with devastating hurricanes. And now, as we enter into fall/winter we are hearing news of new strains of Covid that have mutated and may render new anti-viral meds ineffective. Where and how will it all end?

Ever the eternal optimist, I look around at all the beauty that does still remain in this world. We still have breathtaking landscapes and water scapes. We still have many people out there fighting for the environment, human rights, and answers to all the scientific and medical questions that plague us-literally. What's really amazing about all of these people is that they are all creative souls. Creative souls who think outside the box trying new techniques and methods to attain results. The artist/writer/painter/crafter are the same to bring us new forms of beauty. Beauty and creativity are things that no matter what we cannot let go of. Sitting down to do whatever it is that makes you joyful is not a waste of time but an amazing way that you get to find peace and and to bring light into your corner of the universe. CREATIVITY COUNTS!

The universe is actually filled with abundance, beauty and creativity. We all need this in our lives to counteract all the negativity. We cannot afford to banish it from our lives because of the bleak picture painted for us by media. Now is the perfect time to invest in art/craft. To take something beautiful home and display it lovingly and proudly and to admire it because it just makes you happy. Happiness and joy have a habit of spreading and this is what we need more of in this world. I encourage you to come into Cornerstone to see some of this beauty and creativity for yourself and to bring home that special item to add joy to your life. While craft shows come and go, we are here serving the the creative needs of our community all year long. Join us as we explore more of how CREATIVITY COUNTS.