Ruth Pugh & Deborah McNab

This month we have two feature artists. Ruth Pugh & Deborah Macnab. One is a glass artist while the other is a mixed media artist. They will be our featured artists for September.

 Glass Artist: Ruth Pugh I grew up in Markham, Ontario when it was a very small town in the 50ties. However, most of my life has been spent in the Kingston area. My interest in the art of stained glass began when I was at home with young children. At that time I was using the copper foil technique. For many years I was unable to find time to continue this hobby. Upon retirement as a registered nurse I became interested in learning a new art form called glass mosaic. I found this to be a very exciting medium. I was particularly glad to stop using lead and solder since ventilation is extremely important for safety reasons. Our family lived on a lake for many years and that experience may be reflected in many of my windows with cabins on lakefront. Mixed Media Artist: Deborah Macnab My training started at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, under the direction of Dr.Arthur Lismer. My tutelage was cut short due to the rapid illness and passing of Dr Lismer. I quickly found another art school, the Canadian Art Academy, still located in Montreal. I attended classes for approximately 2 years learning the basics in line drawing, prospective and art history. At the time a great opportunity presented itself in a way of a permanent position as an electrical draftsman with Bell Canada. I continued on my journey of learning for the next 11 years and completed my career as a Senior Graphic Artist. Primarily completing assignments for 35mm slide presentation to be used as internal training and as a communication tool. Most of the artwork consisted of cartooning, illustrations and graphics on art board. After making a decision to find new challenges I decided to move to Calgary, Alberta. I then found a similar position as a Senior Graphic Artist at Alberta Gas Trunk line, later known as Nova Corporation. As I continued in my technical on the job training I found opportunities in management. To keep my hand in the graphic art world I started my own contract company, (9th Hour Graphics). Many of the contracts included business logos, brochures, 35 mm slide presentation, illustrations for internal advertising. After completing 23 years with Nova (later merged with Trans Canada Pipeline) as a Human Resource leader. Now in retirement, I decided to move to Kingston which I call home. To continue in the graphic design/drafting discipline, I needed a new method to tie the two together. I found the right fit in the Mixed-Media program at StLawrence College. In the last few years, I have showcased my work at several venues and art shows. I am now having a wonderful time discovering new art techniques. I am available to work on special requests, personalized artwork showcasing loved ones. The painting would consist of keepsake items, historical photographs which would capture their life story. I can be reached by: Phone: 613-544-1463 or Email: